Apental Calc Apk Download : Best Facebook Autoliker App

Are you looking for an auto like apk?
You are on the right page as today I will be helping you in solving this problem.
Today, I will be providing info about Apental Calc Apk that is indeed one of the best autoliker app but before that, let’s have a quick overview about “What exactly is Apental Calc Apk”?
Apental Calc has become one of the best auto liker in the auto liker industry. It is one such app that have given hundreds of likes on your FaceBook account. With an increase from the time it was launched, a number of users too increased resulting in number of per day users.
Note: Do not use Apental Calc Apk a lot as it can result in ban of your Facebook account and we won’t be responsible for the same.

Apental Calc Apk: Latest version free download

From the time when we joined Facebook just to make new friends and connects with more and more people, it has became an important aspect of our life.
Also, as it such an important thing, people tend to judge each other by the number of likes, comments and shares. Apental Calc Apk is the one packed application that will help you increase your likes, comments and shares.

Download Apk

How to install and use Apental Calc Apk

Installing an apk havent been a tough job anyways, and installing Apental Calc Apk is same like having a walk in a park. Follow the steps below to install and use the apk.
(Note: make sure before using this apk you can changes privacy settings on your facebook post from “private” to “public” as if you don’t do so, Apental Calc Apk won’t be able to do its job properly)

  1. Download the apk from below
  2. Open downloads, search for Apental Calc Apk and install it
  3. Accept all and click on “install now” on bottom right.
  4. Open “installed apps” and open Facebook auto liker.
  5. You need to log in into your facebook account in order to use this app
  6. Just select the post or photo in which you want likes
  7. Click “want to like this” for unlimited and real likes
  8. Wait and watch the magic of Apental Calc Apk, how it helps you to get number of likes in a fraction of minutes.

Features of Apental Calc Apk

  • Unlimited likes and comment on your facebook profile
  • Best tool for facebook pages to increase likes
  • Free for everyone, no such payment method is required
  • Easy to use UI
  • Doesn’t consumes lot of battery
  • It won’t harm your device in any manner
  • Easy and smooth work
  • Updates regularly
  • One of the best autoliker

Pros of using Apental Calc Apk


  • Provides boost to the business
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Increases online presence


  • Overdose leads to failure
#1 Provides boost to the business: In this modern age without have a social media profile, you are already lacking in building a brand. In order to make a well known brand, everyone are spending a small amount of money to boost themselves on social media.
Using Apental Calc Apk, you have already found a solution for getting engagement on your post (engagement = likes + comments) for free.
#2 Safe and easy to use: Apental Calc Apk has been tested number of times before it was launched in auto liker industry. No worries to threat to your data and privacy. Apental Calc Apk cares a lot about privacy and that where it’s productivity also increases.
#3 Increases online presence: Imagine your friends when you are getting thousands of comment and likes on your facebook posts while they are actually working hard to get almost hundred. I don’t think I need to tell more about this benefit :p

Cons of using Apental Calc Apk

#1 Overdose leads to failure: Its a fact that overdose of anything good, be it sugar itself can lead you to diabetes. Just like that overdose of Apental Calc Apk can lead in a permanent ban of your Facebook account.

Final words

After using Apental Calc for a number of times, I am actually in love with this amazing apk as I am never ever dissatisfied with its work. Also, my data and privacy is 100{e305572e0f17f441d365711819f8af0e92a0ea2305a1a91970ad48e8dc250d8a} secured.

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