Momo Whatsapp Suicide Challenge Game Download ? Its Fact

Momo challenge is now trending in the world so in this post i will get you some light about this suicidal game. I am spreading awareness to children of this era to harmful games like Blue whale and momo challenge.
So what is momo challenge and how this game is very dangerous for the children you will get full detailed about this game in this article. The Momo Challenge is a purported cyberbullying trend prevalent on platforms like WhatsApp, through which children receive anonymous threatening messages tied to pictures of Momo, a grinning cartoonish figure developed by a Japanese special effects company.
The Momo Challenge gained the public’s attention in July 2018, when it was noticed by a YouTuber, ReignBot. Targeting teenagers, people presenting themselves as “Momo” on WhatsApp messages try to convince people to contact them through their cell phone. As with other Internet “challenges” phenomena such as Blue Whale, players are then instructed to perform a succession of tasks, refusal to do so being met with threats. Messages are subsequently accompanied by frightening or gory picture

 Momo Challenge Photo HD

A Child Who Played Momo Challenge

Awareness For Momo Challenge Game

Momo Challenge may have less to do with the challenge itself and more about the overwhelming apprehension parents feel when staring down the barrel of millions of unregulated YouTube videos and confusing, ever-changing social media apps. So Parents must monitor their children by the spy apps and watching their activities. There are many children over all the world committing suicide playing this challenge ruining their life.

Momo WhatsApp Challenge Game Download

As per updates, there is no official link for the Momo Game APK Download. Neither is there any kind of website to play or take the challenges. As per the available updates, the Momo Challenge was apparently started on the Facebook and a woman with ugly and fearful features have been used. Now the game is getting spread through WhatsApp. So Wherever you find momo challenge content please report it and take it down as it is claiming life of our children.

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 Facts Of Momo Challenge

  • The Momo Challenge is a purported cyberbullying trend, where children receive anonymous threatening messages
  • The Office of the eSafety Commissioner said it had received “several enquiries” about the trend — but had not seen any content actually containing the challenge
  • Recent claims of the challenge occurring have proven to be little more than rumour

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