Creative Customised Compounds

Creative Customised Compounds

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(and it's not just the normal stuff)

If you’re looking for TPEs, we have them. We customise them based on a comprehensive portfolio of TPS, TPO, TPU, TPV & Biobased technologies. But if you want to know where we really excel, it’s with the truly challenging developments. Every day we put our material science & compounding know-how to work creating unique materials for our customers. Be that plastics from plants or even a TPE that swells in water!

Our TPE Families

Dryflex TPE compounds

Dryflex is our largest TPE product family. With grades for consumer, automotive, construction, cable…

Mediprene TPE for Medical Applications

The Mediprene family of TPE compounds has been developed for medical device applications


Epseal TPE compounds offer taste-free sealing solutions for the food & beverage industry

Resource Saving Materials

Dryflex Green TPEs - Soft Plastics From Plants

Soft plastics from plants…Dryflex Green are Biobased TPEs with raw materials from renewable sources

Lifocork Biocomposite Cork Compounds

Lifocork Biocomposites combine the feel of natural cork with the processability of plastics

Dryflex Circular TPEs - with Recycled Content

We’re turning waste into resource, by taking recycled polymers and incorporating them into our TPEs

Some Specific Ranges for Automotive

Dryflex AM TPEs

Non-slip, abrasion resistant TPE materials for automotive mat applications

Dryflex Interior TPEs

Low odour, fogging and VOC materials for automotive interiors

Dryflex HiF - High Flow TPEs

Super high-flow TPE materials for injection moulded panels & skins

For Demanding Environments

Dryflex FLAM TPEs

HFFR (Halogen-free, flame-retardant) TPE materials

Dryflex TPV - Thermoplastic Vulcasnisate Compounds

Thermoplastic Vulcanisate (TPV) materials with improved durability, heat & fluid resistance

Dryflex Cable LSZH Compounds

LSZH (Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen) compounds for cable sheathing, bedding and insulation

& so much more...

Lifolit soft PVC

Lifolit is a family of soft PVC compounds. Non Phthalate & DEHP free

Dryflex WS - TPEs that Swell in Water

Hydrophilic TPE materials that swell when immersed in water

Colour and Additive Masterbatch

Colour and additive masterbatches for soft polymers

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