Energy, Wire And Cables

Energy, Wire And Cables

Thermoset Materials for Energy, Wire and cables

Thermosets are often referred to as “elastomeric compounds” or “rubber”. This material class needs further processing after extrusion, called “curing” or “vulcanization” to promote the cross-linking, which is creating covalent chemical bonds that help to attain the enhanced elastic properties.

So unlike Thermoplastics, Thermoset materials retain their shape and part of the strength, even when heated.

Thermosets are therefore the materials of choice whenever you need excellent chemical and thermal stability along with superior strength, hardness and flexibility for your final product. Other advantages are the outstanding dielectric strength and the relatively low costs of production.

The power to thrive

Our in house research and  development engineers understand the complexity involved in your business. They know the stringent requirements that you need to meet. Our rubber solutions are used in sheathing, insulation or bedding and meet the requirements of the common industry standards like CEI, EN, UL, ISO, DIN, BS and others.

Whether you are producing a cable that carries data, signal or energy or you need a long-lasting cable sleeve for your fiber optic deployment, we are here to help.

At HEXPOL, the customer always comes first. Our global footprint and local presence, coupled with  our ability to offer fast-track delivery and compound or packaging customisation, will support your business growth plans. And when circumstances change quickly, our contingency planning capabilities and urgent delivery track-record will ensure that production proceeds as planned

Rubber Compounds

Wire and cable rubber compounding

HEXPOL is the only company in the wire and cable segment that currently offers such a broad portfolio of materials, including EPDM, CPE, CR, EVM, NBR, NBR PVC, AEM.

Talk to our specialist for environmentally friendly cable solutions, such as lead-, nitrosamine-,  phtalate-, pah-and heavy metal-free products.

The high level of quality is achieved by state-of-the-art equipment and a high level of automation. Online straining achieves purity requirements.  

We offer natural or pre-colored compounds as granulates in big bags or strips in boxes.

Using our knowledge to chose the most suitable raw material base, we are tailoring solutions that not only meet the final product requirements, but also process efficiently on existing customer equipment. This helps our customer to improve their processing and minimize their scrap rate. 

Silicone Compounds

Silicone cables are mainly used for their high temperature resistance, superior dielectric stability, and inherently flame resistance. Among thermoset elastomers, silicone rubber offer the highest flexibility and are selected to create high bending and easy installation cables.

Silicone rubber is also selected to manufacture insulators, arresters, and connectors thanks to unique properties.

Our silicone rubber compounds are designed to match a broad range of uses – from high temperature industrial environment to high safety public buildings. Compounds are designed with premium raw materials in order to guarantee consistent features and processing.

Talk to our experts to learn more about our silicone solutions including insulating, tracking resistant, conductive compounds to manufacture medium and high voltage electrical insulators and connectors.

Our profound level of knowledge and materials combined with state of the art production equipment help us to design high quality solutions for the requirements needed for your final application. We will make sure that our materials perform perfectly on your existing equipment. 

Our standard supply forms are strips for cable extrusion or logs for insulators molding.

Wire and cable

Typical Application Areas

Automotive Cables

Efficiency, compact design, light weight and the ability to withstand high temperatures and contact with vehicle fluids are just some of the requirements that cables for the automotive and transportation industry need to fulfil. Whatever connection is required in traditional and hybrid cars, fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) and electrical vehicles (EVs) we can offer custom made solutions for nearly all your requirements

Communication & Multimedia Cables

Enabling connectivity is the main mission of communication and multimedia cables. They are designed for low voltage and low currents and play a special role in optimal and reliable data transmission for all kind of media. Stay connected with our high-quality solutions.

Energy Cables

Worldwide electricity consumption is constantly increasing. Infrastructure reliability and grid interconnectability are seen as the key factors for supply of electrical power. Talk to our experts to learn more about our solutions.

Rubber, TPE & Thermoplastic Materials for Renewable Energy Cables

Renewable Energy Cables

The world is turning to renewable and sustainably-sourced energy. Our cable compounds can be found in solar applications, windparks and other decentralized power generations with cable networks on land, off shore or under water. They are highly resistant to the extreme outdoor conditions and can be used for flexible or permanent installations


Special Cables

Special cables for special requirements. Technological progress raises technical questions to cable producers to fulfill new requirements and designs. Future tasks in transportation, robotics, and industry need new material concepts. Our experts are ready to be part of this revolution.

Connectors, Terminators, Components...

Our portfolio offers much more than compounds for cables- we provide solutions for all energy accessories needed to get all the infrastructure up and running. From insulators, arresters, and joints for power grid to tapes, plugs, and wall boxes for small installations. Ask our experts for all materials you need.

Customisation Possibilities

Base Polymers

Base Polymers

  • Silicone
  • PO, EVA
  • EPDM
  • SEBS
  • SBR
  • CR, CPE
  • EVM, AEM
Electrical Properties

Electrical Properties

  • Insulating
  • Conductive
  • Field Grading
  • Pollution Resistance
Additional Features

Additional Features

  • HFFR
  • Low Smoke & Toxicity
  • Heavy Duty Service
  • Harsh Environment Resistance
  • Temperature Service
  • Laser Marking Materials
Material Formats

Material Formats

  • Straining
  • Strips
  • Granules
  • Bars
Product Safety

Product Safety

  • RoHS
  • Designed to meet various international cable standards

Polymeric Materials for Energy, Wire & Cable

Our dedicated team of material scientists and engineers work with a broad portfolio to define and develop the best solution for your needs – at the right price for your business.

Take a deeper look and connect with our experts to learn about the customization options for your specific requirements.


Our portfolio covers a wide range of solutions including Polyolefines and modern halogen-free (HFFR, LSF0H, LSZH) technologies 


Including color and additive masterbatches for Thermoset and Thermoplastic compounds

A One-Stop Shop for Energy, Wire + Cable Materials

Did you know that the HEXPOL Group has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of polymeric materials for Energy, Wire and Cable applications in the market? Offering customized solutions in high-performance materials such as silicone rubber, advanced rubber technologies, additives, HFFR and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

Connect with Our Material Experts

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