State-of-the-Art Equipment

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Key Parts of Equipment

Custom compounding comes along with a wide range of very different ingredients, short-term changes of requests and a broad variety of final products. To provide equipment that is as far as possible standardized and universal but in the same way also very request-specific is the key of our success.

Based on the long-time experience and the best-of-best practice sharing in the group, our in-house engineering team has developed and provides a couple of key units for our production lines.  Besides optimization and customization of core equipment such as mixer, mill and extruder-gear pumps, our core competence lies in conveying systems, ingredient preparation and handling and finally accurate dosing in shortest time.  The wide range of different bulk materials and polymers require robust and universal equipment to optimize needed footprint and corresponding cost.  This is reflected by short change-over times with minimized left-over material and even the opportunity for integrated recycling.
In tied co-operation with our local requesting experts the design and performance of specific equipment is defined.  Subsequent manufacturing is then performed by experienced key partners which also provide valuable and skilled support for implementation and commissioning. All this is escorted by a high degree of process competence and technical skills of our engineering-team and local staff. 

This practice and close-to-business experiences guarantee to fulfill the real needs of our production for highest output and efficiency.

  • Fully integrated process planning and visualisation
  • Fully integrated maintenance systems
  • Automated chemical pre-weighing
  • State of the art bulk handling systems
  • Direct volumetric dosing of liquids into mixer
  • Full lot traceability of ingredients through all production processes
  • High precision polymer cutting
  • Latest intermeshing technology
  • Automated mixer control
  • Adjustable production parameters per compound
  • Automated anti-tac dosing,
  • In-line automated strip dimension and temperature measurement
  • Metal detection
  • In-line strainer and granulation unit
  • In-line gear pump technology
  • High efficient batch-off Unit
  • Automated adjustable packaging
  • RFID tracking of boxes

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