HEXPOL Compounding Americas Achieves ISCC PLUS Sustainability Certification

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HEXPOL Middlefield has achieved The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) as a Rubber Compounding Processing Unit with mass balance chain of custody.

The International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) is a certification program for the Circular Economy that focuses on the verification and traceability of sustainable materials. ISCC is globally recognized as the standard of choice for industry sustainability certifications. 

This certification allows HEXPOL Middlefield to produce ISCC PLUS certified circular, bio circular and/or bio attributed compounds via mass balance accounting principles. This provides traceability of certified raw materials along the certified supply chain through sustainability declarations that create a chain of custody from origin to the end product.

Certification of supply chains is a vital part of an organization’s overall sustainability management. This ensures that the integrity and performance of the entire supply chain are aligned toward common sustainability goals and objectives from start to finish.

Companies and entities that obtain the certification must meet certain predetermined standards as required under the ISCC PLUS certification. 

As the leader in the rubber compounding industry, HEXPOL Compounding Americas pursued the ISCC PLUS certification to make A Sustainable Difference in order to support its customer’s goals and initiatives while aligning with supply chain sustainability projects. 

In addition, HEXPOL continues to work toward achieving strategic objectives to reduce environmental impact, to create safe and secure workplaces and to be a good corporate citizen.

HEXPOL’s cross-functional ISCC PLUS implementation team achieved this significant accomplishment in less than four months with zero nonconformities found during the certification audit. 

  • Jason Yauger, Quality Manager – HEXPOL Middlefield
  • Cathy Rose, Quality Systems Manager – HEXPOL Compounding Americas
  • Misty Mahan, Regional EH&S – HEXPOL Compounding Americas
  • Ali Wolf, Sustainability Manager – HEXPOL Compounding Americas
  • Jeremy Lawson, Managing Director – HEXPOL Middlefield
  • Tom Roberts, Director of Quality – HEXPOL Compounding Americas
  • Jerry Saxion, Director of Business Systems – HEXPOL Compounding Americas

“We are proud of the Middlefield and HEXPOL Compounding Americas support team’s dedication to achieving the ISCC PLUS certification. The Global Sustainability and Carbon Certification is a significant milestone that reflects our organization’s dedication to sustainable solutions.” 

Jeremy Lawson, Managing Director – HEXPOL Middlefield

“This achievement of ISCC PLUS certification is part of HEXPOL’s ongoing sustainability effort and collaboration with customers and suppliers, as we continue to be fully committed to support sustainability goals and developing innovative products that provide a lower environmental impact that contribute to the circular economy. We believe that the ISCC PLUS certification is not only a validation of our efforts but also a strong message to the industry that responsible and eco-conscious manufacturing is not only already possible, but also necessary for a successful future.”

Jerry Saxion, Director of Business Systems – HEXPOL Compounding Americas


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