Innovating for industry – HEXPOL Group offers the right compounds and the right process to achieve a consistent and predictable result in industrial situations.

Durability, flexibility and resistance

At HEXPOL Group we understand that the complexity of industrial applications, high regulatory demands, 24/7 production and ever-increasing productivity goals, can easily exhaust systems and compounds. This is why we spend so much time and energy developing advanced compounds that won’t let you down. Make downtime an exception to the rule by drawing on our engineering expertise and thorough material and application know-how.


Durability, flexibility and resistance

Our compounds can help you to deliver a long service life, thanks to thermal stability, chemical and oil resistance — but also resistance to weathering, oxygen and ozone — elements that can have a costly effect on your application.

Whether you are looking for compounds with efficient shock absorption, insulation or containment properties, we can help you develop the right compounds, and the right processes, to achieve a consistent and predictable result to meet your process or application requirements every time.

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