R&D capabilities

R&D capabilities
Innovative by nature – HEXPOL Group is constantly searching for new and more efficient processes with our global R&D capabilities and resources.
25 %
recycled content

Our thermoplastic solution RheVision consists of over 50% recycled content. 

10 %
lower density

The product group HEXLIGHT offers up to 30% lower rubber density (lower weight). 

70 %
renewable content

The TPE material Dryflex Green can offer over 90% of renewable content. 

Research and development

Developed to make a material difference

An application is only as strong as the weakest part. That is why we place so much emphasis on developing the compounds and products you need to deliver on your brand promise. At HEXPOL Group we take your needs seriously. Based on your specifications we can create the right recipe for the success of your varied product needs with our in-house R&D teams. Utilizing the latest processing technologies and the most advanced materials, we can deliver a superior product, custom-made for your specific application, including process simulations, chemical, thermal, electro or morphological analysis as required. Working together with our Polymer Technologists you can be assured that the latest insights and methods will be used to meet your individual needs with both sustainability and environmental-impact in mind.

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