HEXPOL Compounding

HEXPOL Compounding
HEXPOL Compounding encompasses our Rubber Compounding, TPE Compounding and Thermoplastic Compounding all in one comprehensive business area.

Global cover, local approach

The business area HEXPOL Compounding is one of the world’s leading and truly global developers and producers of advanced Rubber Compounds, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Compounds and Thermoplastic Compounds, with units around the globe. 

HEXPOL Compounding’s material experts are here to help you meet all of your compounding needs

Including product brands HEXFLAME, HEXLIGHT, GloMold and more 

Including product brands DryflexMediprene, Epseal and more 

RheTech and its product brands 

Who We Are

HEXPOL Compounding

The HEXPOL Compounding business area is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the development and manufacturing of high-quality advanced polymer compounds for demanding applications and demanding end users. Customers are manufacturers of polymer products and components who impose rigorous demands on quality and global delivery capacity. HEXPOL Compounding’s market is global and the largest end-customer segments are the automotive and engineering industries, followed by the building and construction sector. Other important customer segments are the transportation sector, the energy sector, the consumer sector, the cable and wire industry and manufacturers of medical technology.

High Tech and Versatile

Polymer compounding is a high-tech process that enhances the properties and performance of base polymers by blending them with various components, such as additives and stabilizers, to create new and tailor-made material combinations. Whether a customer needs flame retardant, oil resistant, UV stable or medical technology approved polymer materials, HEXPOL Compounding offers solutions that precisely match application requirements.

With operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia HEXPOL Compounding assists customers across the globe in building strong partnerships through advanced technical competence and a strong portfolio.

Case Stories

HEXPOL Compounding stories

With a durable, flexible and antibacterial silicone material, it has been possible to produce an ECG vest that can be reused many times and where the cost of consumables is eliminated.
The US electricity grid is aging rapidly and a vigorous process of modernization is taking place, to facilitate a new era for electrified communities and to maintain reliability.

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